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High-calcium lime putty (CL 90S-PL), produced in continuous natural vertical ovens, indirect flame, feeded by olive wood. Slaked in mechanical hydrator, micronized and aged in the pit for 12 months.

Fields of use: finishes and lime paints

The high content of calcium, the “soft” wood-burning process and the long aging time are factors that guarantee a “fat” lime, exceptionally white and pure, ideal for high quality work such as stuccoes, marmorino, plasters and the preparation of lime paints with high breathability and durability properties.

Why choose it?

  • Pure white color
  • High plasticity and workability
  • High fineness


  • CaO+MgO ≈ 97-99 %
  • MgO < 0,1 %
  • SO3 < 0,1 %
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