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High-calcium lime putty (CL 90S-PL), produced in the historic kiln of Ono San Petro (BS), wood- burned over 10 days in an historical kiln, handmade slaked, filtered and aged in pit for 60 months.

Fields of use:

High-calcium lime putty wood-burned in an historical kiln for 60 months. The “softly”wood-burned, the selection “stone by stone”, and the long aging are factors that guarantee an high quality “fat” lime, white and pure, ideal for decorative works as stucco, marmorino, plasters and limewashes characterized by high breathability and durability.

Why choose it?

  • Long seasoning;
  • Excellent plasticity and workability;
  • High yeld.


  • CaO+MgO > 97 %
  • MgO < 1,5 %
  • SO3 < 1 %
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