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Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 3,5  is a material compliant with the EN 459-1: 2010 standard. This Natural Hydraulic Lime is produced in Italy from marly limestone extracted from the Apennine quarries and burned at low temperatures.

Fields of use: plasters, masonry mortars, etc.

Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 3,5  is used in the preparation of masonry mortar, internal and external plasters.

In the architectural restoration and in the recovery of historic buildings, the mechanical characteristics, the porosity and the low content of soluble salts, ensure complete compatibility of the Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 3,5 with traditional building materials (stone walls, solid brick, earth raw etc.).

High water vapor permeability, ability to prevent fungi and molds, excellent hygrometric regulating function of the environments, guarantee the execution of manufactured articles with high living standards and make  Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 3,5 the preferred binder for high-quality architecture green building.

Why choose it?

  • Light brown color
  • Low burning temperature
  • 100% Made in Italy


  • Mechanical strength at 28 days: 4,0 MPa / 580,15 Psi
  • Low soluble salts content
  • Low alkalis content

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